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Feature: Vermont Contemporary Home

I work often with The Cushman Design Group, and last winter they asked me to photograph one of their residential projects for Marvin Window’s prestigious Architect’s Challenge contest. The house truly carries an indoor-outdoor feel with its large windows and streamlined design, and I aimed to capture how these elements enrich the living experience in this beautiful Vermont home.

I began the photo shoot early in the morning just as light streamed in through the back, east-facing windows. Telling a day’s story in my work is extremely rewarding – what the early hours feel like and how the mood changes as day turns to night. Viewers get to absorb the full experience of what it’s like to live in a house this way. A dusk shot with silhouetted mountains in the background emphasizes how the blended indoor-outdoor design creates a relaxed and stunning evening setting.

Colorful accents were a big part of the firm’s design, and it was a fun challenge to highlight these unique details, too. A head-on shot of handmade pendants, made by a local artisan and hung at varying lengths, frame the living space and complement the textiles in the background. The Cushman Design Group and the homeowners’ creative collaboration helped craft a space that’s true to the family and makes the most of the home’s natural surroundings.

So, what’s with all that snow? The thick covering in the exterior shots was an intentional solution to hide unfinished landscaping. Despite the cold (minus five degrees Fahrenheit!), fresh snow and a pristine backdrop often result in some of my favorite photos. Here, it shows the home in one of its truest settings (it sits on a steep slope). When side-by-side with the interior photos, it proves the warmth of the design in even the coldest months.

Milford Cushman, founder and president of The Cushman Design Group, has practiced architecture for more than 30 years. With a focus on establishing intricate connections between people and their built environments, his firm creates site-specific, high quality residential and commercial designs throughout North America. Whether in an urban or a rural setting, their projects are known for blending seamlessly with the energy and nature of their surroundings.

To learn more about the firm’s work, please visit their website.