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Feature: Virgin Gorda

In the depths of last year’s frigid winter, I traveled to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands to photograph a gorgeous landscaping project completed by a great friend and landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy for a private residence on the island. I have a strong appreciation for horticulture and love being outside, so it was a treat to head down to the hot Caribbean and spend three days photographing this amazing property.

Julie is an award-winning landscape designer, a distinguished lecturer and the author of eight books on landscape design. Truly an innovator in landscape and garden design theory, she has an amazing ability to compose outdoor living experiences that are both beautiful and uplifting.

Because of the strong tropical sun, I did most of my shooting as the sun rose in the morning and just before it set in the evening. Landscape design is full of color and texture, and it was easy to find inspiration – from curvy and colorful succulents to towering palms to impressive architecture and an infinity pool that appeared to flow right into the surrounding light blue waters. I also photographed the house’s interior, equally as impressive, for the Los Angeles-based interior designer who furnished the inside.

Not only was the setting incredibly stunning, but the trip was also a much-welcomed study in light. During the day while I waited for the harsh sun to subside, I snapped photos at all hours, studying how different degrees of light affect the landscape and architecture in my photos.

To learn more about Julie’s work, please visit her website.